Mimis Plessas & Christos Rafalides

We two

  • "We two" is one of my favorite projects. It's a piano-vibraphone duo with the legendary pianist/composer Mimis Plessas

Mimis Plessas and Christos Rafalides were born in the same corner of the world about half a century apart. They walked the same hills, swam the same waters and listened to the same sounds. At some point or another they both  sat on the same bar stools of jazz clubs in the village and  performed on the same stages. Just at different times. So, when the two got together,  Mimis Plessas hitting the first note on the piano and Christos Rafalides on the vibraphone, amazing music emerged — music composed so brilliantly, that although originally arranged for traditional instrumentation and vocals, it retains all its freshness and fervor in these brand new interpretations.