The following are some of the many concepts presented during my clinics. They are based on my New York multi-cultural performing experience and on my travels around the world.


•  Defining ‘Latin’ music - salsa versus samba / differences between Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. Demonstration of rhythms from Latin America.

•  The importance of the “OFF Beats” and making them feel like "downbeats." Using syncopation and playing "over the bar line”.

•  Introduction to ‘Konnakol’ and its use. Common ground on odd meters   from India to the Balkans to North and South America.

•  Additional topics will include reharmonization and advanced improvisational techniques, creativity and inspiration, as well as the importance of body language. 

•  Four mallet technique, exercises to develop independence between left and right hand, sticking that comes from drumming and practicing with a metronome routine. 


Christos Rafalides is available for:


•  educational clinics and masterclasses 

•  solo and ensemble performances 

•  collaborations with high school and university ensembles


Most recent master class appearances include:  


•  CRR in Paris, France

•  EJMA in Geneva / Lausanne / Martigny, Switzerland

•  Salerno State Conservatory, Italy

•  Athens State Conservatory, Greece

•  Conservatory of Santiago / Burela, Spain

•  Miami Dade College

•  Manhattan School of Music 

•  Berklee College of Music

•  University of Massachusetts 

•  Boston Conservatory, Boston MA

•  Berkeley, University of California

•  Brooklyn College

•  Faculty of ZMF (Zeltsman Marimba Festival)- USA, China, Japan