“In a Sentimental Mood”, by Duke Ellington

Revisiting an American classic.


is an original composition that was written to feature the exceptional Brazilian drummer and dear friend, Mauricio Zottarelli. I would llike to thank Jason Kronick for mixing the track. Enjoy!

Whisper Magic

is a solo vibraphone piece that was composed a few years back and premiered at a duo concert with pianist Sergio Salvatore at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Now I got the opportunity to work on a video for it and hope you enjoy it! 

‘Infant Eyes’ through my eyes

incorporating the MalletStation with vibes and adding a groove to the well known piece by Wayne Shorter. This has been a pretty intense creative process: I was surprised to welcome Beethoven in it and it made me kind of emotional to realize that my teenage memories of Pink Floyd were still so vivid, awaiting an opportunity to be manifested!